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Somehow August is over! I swear, I blinked, and hot, sweaty, humid, busy August is over! So, here we are. Documenting our life in pictures that nobody cares about, but us (and Grandmas!). But, I keep doing it. You know, for posterity's sake.

And now, for some poor quality, iPhone pictures.

Also, I just noticed that the pictures are in reverse order (or maybe just out of order all together). But, I'm far too lazy to fix that. So, take it for what it is.

^^Abby's meet and greet with her preschool teacher. She was overwhelmed, hesitant, and reluctantly excited, I think. She's handled the whole situation like a champion; more on that later. 

^^The rare moment Girlfriend let me actually do her hair! Even with a brush! It was a miracle that needed documenting. 

Her dad is mean. And I've recently jumped on the snap chat bandwagon. 

^^A neighboring town put on an outdoor, super fun, kids' concert. Of course we were all about that (and letting our kids chew on the bottles of caffeinated beverages, of course.)

^^a play group with her school friends before school started; I snapped a picture because she looks like a freaking teenager. 

^^snapchats from D. that make me chuckle

^^Girlfriend requested "Princess Elsa Coronation Day" hair; I convinced her that we could try Princess Anna... and only somewhat succeeded. But, we used a brush (again!) so it was another miracle to be documented. 

^^Sister remains the worst nighttime sleeper. Obviously D. was on the last straw one night and pinned her down until she gave up. This was at one o'clock am! This child, I swear! 

^^At Abby's last check up at the orthopedist for her broken finger, she marched into the x ray room like a champ, allowing me to stay out in the hall. I snapped a picture because for a highly anxious kid like Abby, this was a huge victory. 

^^We finally admitted that Evalyn is indeed growing up and needed a high chair. She likes it for five minute increments, then prefers to be held while swinging wildly at your plate of food. 

^^sleepy baby smiles! 

^^Dustin is famous (by famous, I mean, famous within our family) for making no bake cookies on Sunday. Abby channels my inner foodie, spooning the cookies before they are set up; melty, chocolatey, peanut buttery, warm messes of cookies. That's what I'm talking about. 

^^Stamford has these dinosaurs all over town. On a simple Saturday, we walked to a handful of them. Abby was in sweaty, dinosaur heaven, and Evalyn was happy to tag along. We call it a success. 

^^a text of distress, and a hilarous mis translation on Siri's part. 

^^Happy as a clam, and always wiggling her way into the spotlight

^^beach evenings with friends on Sundays have us loving it here even more. 

^^Yves Monsia reported his mission in New Rochelle. So, so much fun to witness his full circle. I wrote about taking Yves to the MTC (and a little about Dustin teaching their family as a missionary in New Rochelle, back here.)

^^Abby is given a few jobs around our house. Collecting the bottles and taking them to recycle is one of them. And, Evie's first time sitting in the Costco cart needed to be documented, too. 

^^dinner is always better on the beach

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