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^^ we tried to take family pictures on our own. with our tripod. with two children. for the record, i'm not flipping off the camera...intentionally. i'm snapping, trying to get evalyn to look at the camera. but, take is as you will. and yes, we learned our lesson, and no, we won't try that again. ^^

It's just been a day. Well, starting with last night. Well, actually yesterday. Evie is teething (i feel like teething is a blanket statement from the age of 3 mos - 2 yrs, really). So, Sister refused to nap all day yesterday and then we spent half the night patting her back, and shushing her back to sleep as she whimpered and moaned and tossed and turned. So, today the sheets are covered in snot (evie's, not mine) and the poor kid is running a fever. Ugh.

I've made a conscious effort to make Abby look presentable for school everyday. This is not an easy task. Abby demands certain clothes, and if something feels wrong in the slightest there is an hour long meltdown that is not easily diffused. But, I've tackled the task everyday thus far this school year. But, running on little sleep from last night (and the night before that, and before that), I gave up this morning, and let her pick out her own clothes, shoes, and even humored her demand to not touch her hair. Then we walked up the front walk of school and I thought to myself, "Man, everyone looks so cute today!" And then remembered... it is picture day.

So, there's that.

My child is happy as a clam, because I didn't pin her down and brush her hair (saving her the effort of having to scream like she's being murdered for 5 minutes). And there are no buttons on her shirt, laces on her shoes, or seams on her socks. So, at least her happiness will be documented.

I'll just sit here and sip on my Diet Coke and wish I was eating the muffin Abby ate for breakfast (really, it's a cupcake, but I'm going to call it a muffin so the guilt of my poor mothering choices doesn't eat me alive.). Because, my eating habits are out of control (closely associated with my anxiety levels). That's just another post for another day, though, isn't it? I'll just say this: someone save me from myself! Try as I might, I'm out of excuses. Evalyn is nearly eight months old (sob!), and I, the master of all things excuses, do not have any. So, I'll just tell myself right here, right now, do not eat the cupcake muffin.

On a much happier note, it is raining outside, and really starting to feel like fall. Which makes me fall in love with New England all over again. And, the avocados from Costco are freaking delicious right now (finding happiness in the small things, people), so lunch is going to be avocado on toast - and there is just never anything wrong with that. Evie is napping, I just finished the episode of Scandal from last week, and I've got backup Diet Coke (#always).

I think we will make it.

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  1. I love reading your post because I totally relate to them. The family picture fail is hilarious! I wish we lived close to each other so we could hang out!

    1. Seriously! That would be perfect! Our girls could be such good friends!! I love stalking you and watching your precious girls. I can't get enough!

  2. diet coke saves the day almost every day. thanking my lucky stars i live next to a swig right now, but jealous that you get to have new england fall and i don't :(

    1. We miss you so much! Did you know I've never even had Swig?! Guess I'll need to visit when we are out there! :)