A Preschool Update

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I'm going to throw a little preschool update out there, for those who care, but mostly for memory's sake. It's no secret that I had an incredibly hard time accepting the concept of preschool for Abby. (Let's be real, I was in breakdown mode.) But, knowing it was the best thing for Abby, I calmed myself down long enough to drop her off on her first day (so, maybe Dustin had to leave work to help me do it and keep me calm...what of it?)

Abby marched in there, hesitant, nervous, but she did it! She held her teachers hand, and just like that - walked away from me. I cried, and she seemed fine. But, apparently she wasn't. She had cried a few times during the day, begging to come home. The next day was a little tougher, but she was brave, and tackled the day. But, the next week was hellish. She kicked, screamed, and was literally dragged down the hall while I stood by the entrance of the school, barely holding myself together. 

Having anxiety, I felt what she felt. I was battling my own nervousness in sending her to school. Then to see her so scared really broke me. But, her teachers are incredible. The program she is in is literally tailored to kids like Abby. Her teacher instantly set into motion a plan laid out for Abby (this included tiaras, special princess dolls, and a rewards system) if she hit different milestones each day (like walking to the classroom with no tears). And just like that, my baby girl runs to her teachers, and talks about school with excitement. 

There have been setbacks like potty training (but, I'm not ready to talk about that quite yet. That's another post for another day), but Girlfriend is a champion. Every once in a while, she'll admit to me as we approach the doors, "Mom, I getting a little nervous," but she takes it in stride. Today, she fought back tears, wiping her eyes, her lower lip quivering, as I walked away. I stood outside the window crying, feeling all the feels with my girl. 

The biggest thing I've learned is to be like Abby. To not let my natural tendencies take over my life and control what I'm able to do. 

The Early Learning Program is amazing where we live. The classroom has a certified teacher, and three paraprofessionals, to 10 students. Like I said, her teacher didn't even blink, and has presented me with multiple different plans for Abby (social plans, potty training plans, etc.). I adore her for caring for my child. There's nothing you can do to win me over more, than to care for my child. One other thing I was worried about the intensity of the program (four days a week, four hours a day), but it is perfect for Girlfriend, and her need to be busy and on a schedule. 

Well, there's a whole bunch of rambling about preschool. But, really, it's been one of the best decisions we've made as Abby's parents. Parenting has been hard, so rewarding, but hard. And, lately, I've seen her blossom. Last week I poked my head into nursery to check on her (where she usually had a meltdown at least three times an hour), and she was happily playing with another child. I sat in the hallway and cried to myself a little. Everything that we have been working toward has started to come together, and I couldn't be prouder of my girl. 

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  1. we love abby! i'm so glad you guys found such an amazing program! so happy for you guys (: