Evie Rose at Seven + Eight (ish) Months

by - 7:50:00 PM

Truth be told, I really can't believe I even typed that title. Sister is Eight (point five) months old, and I'm still 100% confident she is a newborn. Except she's nearly walking, but that's another story.

Our Evalyn is eight and a half months old! I can honestly say that we have loved every second with this little weirdo. This child has the most hilarious personality, and she is a mover. Evie started standing on her own off and on at seven and a half months, and is now standing regularly, cruising along furniture, and taking a single step every now and then. #help! 

Her big blue eyes, dimple, and constant smile (you think i'm exaggerating, i'm really not) have strangers stopped in their tracks swooning. She seriously draws people in. I love it. Her hair continues to come in white-blonde, and looks a little curly in the back. She babbles all day long and finally, finally started to say Mama (so, I come in second place? I'll take it.)

Evie adores her sister, literally starts jumping when her dad walks in the door, and doesn't leave my side all day. I freaking love hearing her little hands slapping the wood floor as she crawls down the hall looking for me. She loves sweet potatoes, avocados (her very favorite), bread (particularly naan bread), yogurt, and banana. She tolerates everything else like a champ. 

The only hang up - Sister still doesn't sleep. She naps...alright. Nighttime sleep is no good. I'm just going to leave it at that, before I think about it too much and burst into tears (sooooo tired!). But, she's a happy camper despite her career of sleep avoiding. I will point out, though, when Evie is mad - she is incredibly mad (screaming as if her life is being threatened). The dramatics do not seem to have stopped with her big sister. 

Evalyn has three teeth on the bottom (the third broke well before any top teeth did) and almost two on the top. When we ask, "How big is Evie?" she raises both her hands in the air proudly. So, we do that on repeat all day long. When we ask, "Where's Evie?" she puts a blanket in front of her face, whipping it away, grinning. So, we do that all day, too. Obviously. She just learned to give big, wet, sloppy kisses (the best kind of baby kisses!). 

There is not one person who encounters this kid and is not smitten. Really, there's not. I want everyone to know our Evie Rose! 

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