Grandma Patty and Grandpa John come to New England!

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^^watching for our favorites to get off the train (conveniently right next to our house)

Toward the end of September, Grandma Patty and Grandpa John trekked to see us. Since we hadn't seen them since April, the visit was long overdue and we welcomed them with open arms (and Abby was glued to their sides). Dustin and I ditched them with the kids one night (for a school open house for Abby and dinner afterward), we ate all the food around, took them on an obligatory trip to Stew Leonard's. A highlight of the quick trip, was an even quicker day trip to Boston. Dustin and I have fallen in love with Boston, and wanted to show it off to these two. During the trip, we were even able to sneak into the temple for a bit - a piece of heaven on Earth (literally). 

The goodbyes were tearful, and heart wrenching. We are counting down days till we see these two again! 

^^just shy of eight months, Evalyn started standing on her own

^^He makes my kids grow up too fast, and gives me a heart attack. I think his goal is to torture me, really. 

^^sitting to enjoy a lifetime's worth of calories from Mike's Pastry (worth every pound)

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