Potty Training

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Want to hear way too many details about my child peeing in the toilet? Let's talk potty training. Specifically, let's talk potty training our sensory sensitive, spirited Abby. I like to talk about most unpleasant of the unpleasant, and this experience was pretty miserable at times.

Girlfriend has refused to be potty trained. We've tried off and on for about a year. (We started diligently with the process about five months ago, I'd say). She not only showed no interest, but refused to go in the toilet. I wish I was exaggerating when I say: this stubborn child would sit on the toilet for over two hours and...nothing. That is, when we could even get her to sit on the toilet (let alone go anywhere near it).

Enter her heaven sent preschool program (specifically her teacher - bless you, Miss Emily - and paraprofessionals in her classroom). Abby showed up the first day of preschool in a diaper, armed with more diapers in her backpack, because, there was no way she was going anywhere near the bathroom. She made it her personal mission to never enter the bathroom at school and was very successful.

Then, her angel teacher (guided by the school psychologist) came up with a plan (note: I had tried similar things at home, but Girlfriend doesn't listen to me). Abby started by washing her hands in the bathroom for a few days, she then watched another child use the toilet (totally normal), then flushed the toilet, then she sat on the toilet with her clothes on (it took a great deal of persuading to get her to do this). Then, she sat on the toilet sans pants, and a few days later, asked to put on underwear. When her teacher reported this to me I was ecstatic (overly  so, because that's how I roll). She did this everyday for a couple of weeks, never using the toilet, at school, but with very few accidents. Gradually, she started using it regularly after school. And folks, two days ago, Abby used the bathroom at school. I'm not kidding when I say, I almost cried.

Silly as it is, this has been such an emotional ride for Abby (and us). The meltdowns that happen when she would have an accident were astronomical. She couldn't master the control factor, making her every action emotional throughout the day. Leading to so, so many meltdowns on my part. I know I've made a huge deal of this, and it seems extreme. But, this was such a big obstacle for Abby, and for us as her parents. So, the fact that it is starting to not be such a huge obstacle is an extreme deal for us.

It's not perfect, and we still struggle on the daily. But we are leaps and bounds ahead of where I thought we'd ever be (did I imagine her in kindergarten in diapers? sure did!). So, there's that. Abby's potty story (thus far). Don't worry, I'll never update this again, because who wants to hear about the voiding process of a 12 year old.

Anyway, Abby filled up her potty chart at home (is the chart still effective if it took six months to accomplish?) and got a special trip to the store to purchase Elsa's Ice Castle Lego Set. Her dream come true.

Oh, the things that thrill me since becoming a mother.

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