September Little Things

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^^a rare sight, and one that makes us both swoon

^^The day Mister Roger's Neighborhood appeared on Netflix, we flipped it on for Abby. Her obsession with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is no secret; neither is her obsession with Reading Rainbow. So, we were confident she would adore this old favorite. But, it terrified her. It scared me a little, too, if I'm being honest. 

^^taking advantage of the last few days of our aquarium pass with friends 

^^Evalyn takes full advantage of Abby's toys whenever she gets a chance (which isn't often)

^^again, swoon.

^^Our Sunday evenings at the beach this summer have us convinced everyone needs a beach within five miles of their house. I mean, evenings like this to wrap of a weekend? Doesn't get better.

^^All the Legos for this girl (and probably her dad, too)

^^a trip to the Stamford Nature Center 

^^I've followed this girl on Instagram for awhile now. Her healthy life choices and down to earth honesty inspires me. I've tried lately to make a conscious effort to only follow and surround myself with people who make me want to be better. This post, although I've never met her, really rang true to me. 

^^always the messiest eater, yet she makes it look so cute

^^ Uncle Chase came to visit us for a few days, and Abby was in heaven! We took him down to our favorite beach, where he and Dustin played a game of tennis. Abby did too...with a ping pong paddle, and all the grace her mother passed down to her. 

^^Everyday before school, "Mom, take a picture of me. I pose beautiful."

^^When I knew Abby was going to start preschool, I signed Evie and I up for a little class at our library in town. It is really one of the highlights of my week; it's been so fun to get to know this goofball one on one, and especially to have something to do with her that is just ours. She has everyone in the class wrapped around her finger (and everywhere we go, people stop to smile and chat with her). She's a special one, this Evie Rose. 

^^ See? Goofball. And fresh from the bath, this little weirdo doesn't get any cuter. 

^^After a kind of challenging day, D. came home and declared it a "Shake Shack" kind of night. We jumped in the car, indulged in a lobster burger, cheese fries, and a red velvet shake to wash it down. And followed it up with a wander around Home Goods. Needless to say, my dad turned right side up really quick. 

^^And, of course, we rounded out September with a few more Sunday evenings at the beach. We just can't help it. 

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