October Little Moments and Stuff

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^^school is exhausting (naps have to be documented with this one; following a nap is always a really, really late, looooong night.)

^^baby sister learned to climb onto the couch (via the cushion the other sister insists on having on the floor at all times)

^^snapchat filters are our cheapest form of entertainment 

^^shopping for seamless socks for the sensory sensitive child ($75 is totally reasonable for 12 socks, right?). Oh, the meltdowns are so hard in the mornings.

^^she's trouble, I tell you

^^D. and I marked our five year Facebook friendship mark. A whole bunch of life happened in these five years. 

^^ready for church in time to snap a picture...definitely noteworthy.

^^since we had to give up our beach Sundays, we've taken up Sunday walks to admire the unreal beauty that is Fall in New England 

^^all the park days, if you can't tell. (this one was snapped on a Saturday of running errands, spontaneous lunch out and an afternoon spent straight chilling. I adore days like that.)

^^our east coast girls in their vests

^^Abby had to decorate a pumpkin for school. Admittedly it was the only pumpkin we did this year. But, it was successful, glittery, and pink. 

^^One morning, after an epic meltdown over socks (and jeans), I decided not to fight Abby. I let her dress herself, didn't touch her hair, instead leaving the ponytail from the night before. When we walked up to school, nearly late, someone commented about school pictures. So, there's that. (I tried to fix the ponytail, taking the holder out of my own hair, and frantically spitting on my hand and trying to smooth the frizz.) She loves these, and that's all that matters. 

^^Dustin's favorite movie came to life this year! 

^^ a friend had her second baby, I volunteered to give her a couple hours to herself and picked up her son to play at our house. Dustin was certain we could not fit three car seats in the backseat. This is me gloating. 


^^more Sunday walks (quickly becoming the highlight of my week)

^^Annnnd...we have a walker (more accurately, we have a step taker) at 8.5 months old

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