2015: All the Feels

by - 6:27:00 PM

I was so sad to say goodbye to 2015, because, like we've established, I'm a walking cliche. But, 2015 was a big year for us. We became a family of four, and Evalyn had literally been a highlight in all of our lives. She is crazy, and wild, and a baby tornado always on the move. Abby grew so much in 2015 (physically, mentally, and emotionally). Our move to Darien from Norwalk was the best decision, and I'm sure the reason we are where we are is for Abby's preschool program. Dustin's new job opportunity  opens up so many doors for him in the future and we couldn't be more grateful for his short commute (a quick walk around the corner - how many east coasters can say that?). I spend the majority of the year batting post partum depression and sky rocketing anxiety. Watching this take a toll on my family only made the situation worse, but, like with anything (and as Bob says): baby steps. Our trips home were savored, and family trips here were appreciated more than anyone will ever know. Our year was filled to the brim with emotions of happiness, sadness, excitement, nervousness, anticipation, and so much gratitude. Here's to 2016, we'll see if you stand a chance. 

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