Bits of January

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^^Abby wrapped up her career as Nursery Avoider and stepped on up to Sunbeams. Which she loves. My baby just keeps getting bigger. I hate it and I love it. Such is motherhood, I think. 

And here we are, at the end of January al-stinking-ready! How? I mean, just, how? 
Anyway, January flew past, so many changes, so many long days, and so much stress, but it's come and gone that fast! (I snapped there, "that fast" *snap* but it's not quite as effective over text, is it?) 

These girls, they keeps me on my toes, always keep me laughing (sometimes crying), and apparently taking way too many pictures. I'll over share now, shall I?

^^Evalyn is a string bean. She likes to nurse, but doesn't so much like food in any other form. Except popcorn. And popcorn with chocolate. Pile on the calories, kid. I'll make popcorn every night if it means her pediatrician will quit giving me the side eye and accuse me of being a bad mother (I know that's what he's thinking). 

^^Evie's also in that stage where she has to sit on everything. The heater, squat and sit. The stairs, can't walk by without a quick seat. That is, until she is supposed to be sitting. Like during church. Then she wants to dance, jump, and run. 

^^Abby has always had a promising career as a ballerina. One day, though her parents strongly told her to stop practicing her spinning, she was insistently spinning for an extended period of time and fell nose first into the edge of the end table. It was ugly, blood, lots of tears, a call to the pediatrician (oh, the judgement - it gets worse later this month, but that's a story for later) who assured us not to freak out. Needless to say, she got whatever she wanted for 24 hours, and then we were back to reality, and everyone thought we punched her in the face. 

She is still talking about her ballerina career with high hopes. "Sometimes ballerinas fall down, Mom," she assures me. 

^^cold mornings in an old apartment 

^^This psycho in her last month of babydom

^^all the legos all day everyday. i'm starting to hate them. 

^^we both read this book this month. and then went through our apartment like psycho people for two weeks. So many trips to Goodwill, and I still feel like I'm not done. But, I feel so much better. Read it. 

^^loved this real life post from another mom on social media

^^result of the book

^^I snapped this picture to send to my mom. Proof that I am, in fact, turning into her. I spent the evening sorting clothes to store for the girls (too small, too big), something I remember my mom doing all the time (you have to with seven kids!). Oh the appreciation I have for that woman. 

^^the monkey is out of control, and nothing is beyond her. Between her, and her sister, the side table now lives on its side (until people come over, then we put it up on its legs and pretend to be normal human beings). 

^^Abby went to a birthday party for a girl in her class. It was adorable. I couldn't pass up the opportnity to snap this picture of the three girls in their class (to seven boys). Abby talks about them constantly. Also note, the age goes from oldest to youngest (left to right). 

^^One day, I felt it a good idea to tell Dustin I wanted to go to Ikea, and that it would make me really happy if we all went together. He had the day off, and it seemed like a fun thing to do. Ha! Tears were had all around (at least the female members of the family). But, we stopped and had the best pizza on the way home (Pepe's!) and it helped. A little. 

^^she is finally, kind of, sort of, getting interested in books! Yay! 

^^One day, at preschool pickup, Evalyn watched as the kids streamed down the hall. I kid you not, she ran (in her own special way) straight to Abby, and Abby promptly dropped to the floor to scoop her up in a hug. It didn't last long, but man, my momma heart burst open right there. I died. Really. 

^^Storm Jonas paid a little bit of a visit to our neck of the woods. Just enough for things to shut down, and us to stay hunkered down inside for the weekend. We did everything from Duplo building competitions to naps (I took two! And one of them was with Evie snuggled next to me. I've never been so proud to feel so guilty in my parenting life!). By the end of the weekend we were a little stir crazy, but warm and safe. So, that counts for something!

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