Christmas: 2015 Edition

by - 6:10:00 PM

Just like last year, Christmas with our little family proved to be relaxing, slow, and everything we wanted it to be. Except, not like last year, we had a roaming, entertaining, wrapping paper eating, 10 month old to add to the mix. 
The anticipation leading  up to Christmas was nearly unbearable with Abby. Many tantrums were thrown multiple times a day when she repeatedly realized that it was not Christmas Day. Consequently, many threats were made to call Santa and uninvite him to our house. But, the jolly old man decided to look past the poor behavior and spoil the child(ren) anyway. 

Rewind to Christmas Eve. This year, with crazy changes looming, anxiety, and two children going crazy after coming back from vacation in Idaho, I vetoed a big Christmas Eve dinner and implemented the new tradition of take out pizza and Diet Coke on Christmas Eve. #classy After we indulged, we piled in the car to sing carols with people of all faiths in New Canaan. We caught the tail end, but I'm chalking that up to tradition as long as we are in the area as well. 

We were up bright and early Christmas  morning (obviously). Evalyn was a little dazed, and settled on things like chapstick, empty cups, and the wrapping paper. Abby tore through everyone's gifts, and was equally grateful and surprised for everything. Her favorite: Legos. No surprise there, though. 

Santa brought his usual table full of treats, and I made traditional orange rolls for breakfast. Then, with a lazy day ahead and no plans, we hit a movie in the early afternoon with the girls. Evalyn made a game of how many times she could get us to take her into the hall, and Abby sat fascinated with the movie. 

We Skyped Uncle Kendon, played more Legos, and then took a walk (sans coats!), in the balmy 50+ degree weather, down to Dunkin' Donuts for a late night treat. We wrapped the day a little heavier, and little happier, and so, so grateful.

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