Christmas Time in the City

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There's a few times that New York City has me swooning. Being the highly anxious person I am, it takes a lot for me to thoroughly enjoy the city to it's maximum. It takes a lot of preparation, and let's be honest - there are a lot of crazy people swarming around me and my babies. So, the city can be stressful. But, man, that city at Christmas time has me absolutely swooning. 

Spontaneously, Dustin took of an afternoon right before Christmas, and we hopped on the train (something we rarely do), much to Abby's delight, and headed to The Big Apple (Abby's favorite way to reference NYC).  There was one thing on my agenda: see Santa Claus at Macy's. Miracle on 34th Street was always one of my favorites, and, like I told Dustin, I'm certain that's the real Santa. Though it didn't go exactly as I planned, we were prepared with our fast pass (get the fast pass, people!), and waiting in line for about 20 minutes (we took advantage of the short wait and Dustin humored me while we stripped the girls down and put them in their Christmas dresses). The decor is incredible while you wait, and Santa (though not how I envisioned him) was so kind and genuine to Abby, and would have been to Evie had she tolerated it for a split second. 

We paid for an overpriced picture and headed out. We stopped for a sandwich, and strolled along toward Rockefeller Center, making a quick stop at Bryant park to watch the skaters and sample all things delicious. Right before the tree stop, we somehow ended up in Magnolia Bakery (can you say, banana pudding? and I don't even like banana pudding! and also, brownies and cupcakes and all the calories.) to grab a snack and enjoy the lights. 

We rounded out the night with a stop in the Lego Store (obviously), exhausted girls, and the train ride home. I definitely think this was the day we finally got into the Christmas spirit this year. Guess miracles do happen on 34th Street. 

^^Macy's window displays are out of this world (and interactive!)

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