December Little Moments

by - 7:53:00 AM

^^A group of friends in the area get together once a month to do Family Home Evening. The Monday after we got back from Idaho, the group of us went caroling to a local nursing home. (lamely, I only took video, and this is the only picture I have to document.)

^^Post vacation food stock up at Costco

^^Abby made this at school. I'm kind of confused, but think it's hilariously adorable anyway. 

^^Still a rough sleeper, but sometimes the exhaustion takes over and she can't handle anymore

^^Our winter has been insanely warm. Playing at the park, right before Christmas with weather in the 60's. 

^^Chocolate crepes for breakfast! 

^^We went to see Santa's reindeer in Greenwich. Abby was scared. Evalyn was not. There's that.  

^^Ward Christmas party, because, it wouldn't be Christmas without one! We made boxes for families in our ward who needed some extra love, delivered them, and sang a few carols.

^^crossing my finger for some curls on Sister Sue

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