Halloween: 2015 Edition

by - 1:52:00 PM

I promise, I'm almost caught up with the Halloween posts. I'm not a fan of Halloween festivities in general, but man, with two kids in costume, it was hard not to get out and indulge in all the chocolate  the fun activities around our community. 

The town of Darien does a trick or treat event around one block, which just so happens to be our block. Convience is key in my mothering lately. So, we dressed up and headed out, meeting up with a few friends on the way (did I mention I adore where we live?). 

^^these two friends and their matching costumes from Costco (both of their parents are obviously incredibly origninal)

Our ward pulled out all the stops for the trunk or treat this year. We had a chili cook off, and multiple games set up. Rarely do I call a ward party fun, but this really was. Abby went to about two cars, and called it quits. And we ran out of candy at ours (I swear I told Dustin we would...weird...), so we ducked out as early as possible and hit up Stew Leonard's for a free ice cream. Because, let's be real. We were cold, but you can never be too cold for that. 

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