Idaho: Part Two! (aka, the sickness diary)

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Thanksgiving day we hustled to Preston to see the other half of the family. The girls were excited, family was smothering them, and ideas of Thanksgiving sales had me in an awesome frenzy. We ate a huge meal, then at the last minute decided to book it to Logan (Dustin, Dad, and I) to grab "a few things." Evalyn tagged along, because she's our little leech. 

Thanksgiving night, after shopping, I was certain I had eaten too much and felt sick. But woke up in the middle of the night with the nastiest stomach bug ever. The next morning Evalyn was sick too (nothing broke my heart more than not being able to take care of her, but man, my husband and mother are incredible.). That night, it hit Abby. And thus begins the awful tale of the rest of the vacation. 

Despite puking our guts out (it hit everyone else within three days) we managed to squeeze in some time opening Christmas presents, and playing games. A favorite being a game Dustin and I put together: a Harrison verision of the Friend's trivia game episode. It was a blast, and I think we even all like each other still. Dustin played the role of Ross, and the questions and answers were hilarious. It's on video, and maybe someday will come out of the vault. A huge success with this Friends obsessed family. 

^^Ironically, Dustin and I were on a hunt for some acceptable sweat pants for my dad so he doesn't have to wear his old man ones out in public. But, instead, he converted Dustin to the old man style. #sometimesithinkimarriedmyfather

^^Abby introduced Evalyn to Pippin for the first time

^^Family Home Evening (while Dustin snuck Josh away to the Jazz game) we played Abby's favorite (and a twist on an old game I played at FHE growing up) "Don't Eat the Prophet!" 

^^Random, but I saw this over the vacation, adore The Alison Show, and had to share. 

^^Finally feeling a little better, we headed to Pocatello to eat back the weight we'd lost from the flu, and Grandma Patty fulfilled Abby's life mission of owning her own Shopkins. 

Goodbyes are the worst. 

And then Abby had to introduce everyone to Shopkins. 

Sadly, we made sure we were around for Grandma's birthday on December 4th, only to have her hit with a massive strain of strep throat and out for the count. No joke, we spent most of the vacation sick, on the mend, and sick again. 

Grandpa dropped us off at the airport, and again. Goodbyes are the worst. 

We survived our extra long layover, camping out in our corner of the Denver Airport. Then had powered through (barely) the long haul to LGA. 

Where Dustin had this awesome rental waiting for us. This vacation was a rough one for me. I spent a good portion of it feeling homesick, despite being home. Possibilities of big changes were looming, I felt like I didn't get to enjoy the vacation to it's fullest due to lame illness, and my anxiety remained at an all time high. That said, I love my family, and adore being with them. I'm grateful goodbyes are so hard, missing them shows how much I value them. But, the missing them part is still pretty sucky. 

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