Some Pre-Christmas Necessities

by - 1:04:00 PM

Christmas Sunday Snapshots

My family is so good to humor me (most of the time). 

 In preparation for building gingerbread houses at her school, Abby requested daily to build our own gingerbread house. But, I'm a lazy mom, and instead we decorated Christmas trees. All were happy, and there were no walls collapsing from lack of frosting (meaning less tears). An all around win and sugar high!

Evalyn and I ventured to Abby's preschool to decorate gingerbread houses. Every time I have the chance to be in her classroom I feel so grateful for her teachers and how far Abby has come. I was especially impressed this visit with how well everyone treated Evie (as always) and how much frosting Abby ate by the knifeful. We are so blessed to be part of the Darien ELP program. 

And of course, all the hot chocolate was consumed and cheesy Christmas movies watched (luckily I ordered Miracle on 34th Street just in time and we stocked up on Steven's hot chocolate while in Idaho!).

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