That One Time We Visited Idaho in November! (Part One)

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Traveling with two children is no joke, folks. And this time proved to be no different. My anxiety levels were through the roof, there was so much planning, much preparation (Christmas shopping to do before hand, because we all know I'm too cheap to pay for shipping!), school, work, and children throwing tantrums. But, we made it. (After picking up a rental car, and leaving for the airport at four am...all while I had a nervous breakdown. Traumatic, but we made it). 

We were nervous about flying with Evalyn the Crazy. And our worries were valid. Sister fell asleep the last three minutes of the first flight (to Denver) and that was that. Stinker likes to party and refuses to miss anything in life! 

We immediately dove into doctor's appointment, hair appointments (there no cut like a Molly cut! Bless you, Molly!), and Abby got a special treat and got to eat lunch with Grandpa at school (and the bigger kids too). She dominated the conversation and ate her school lunch, and I tried not to cry (a common occurrence over ridiculous thinks like this.)

We were quickly swept up in the wedding bliss for Chase and Brooke. Frozen, but blissful, we had so much fun celebrating the newest Ackermans!

Between the wedding, luncheon, and the reception we snuck away to visit Haylee and drag her to see our favorite family - the Ulrichs. We were so bummed to miss Katie, but settled for Scotty and the kids. Friends like these guys, man, they are one in a million. 

We exchanged gifts with Abby's cousins and soaked up time with the Ackerman Clan. Throwing in lots of games. Watching Abby play Heads Up! and Twister, definitely a highlight. 

Only in Idaho can you ride motorized farm animals through the desolate mall. 

To save some dolla bills, we set up Abby's first dental appointment in Idaho. We were so impressed with the staff and dentist, and even more impressed Girlfriend was cavity free! 

^^a trip down the road with Grandpa John and Aunt Hailey plus and awesome Icee! That's the way to secure your place as favorite! 

Grandma Patty fulfilled her lifelong dream of getting the kids matching overalls. 

A gorgeous picture with Grandma Smith. Frameworthy for sure. 

Games are always essential. Especially after a full dinner like Grandma Patty put on pre Thanksgiving (prime rib!). Abby was extra hilarious playing Heads Up. 

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