The First of November

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^^finally caught one of dad's basketball games!

November was spent in anticipation of our upcoming trip to Idaho. Plenty of counting down was going on in our house, but in the meantime, the weather hovered right around 70 degrees, so we wasted the days away with still perfect Fall weather. 

^^After being asked to take her picture, and asking to wear her vest that day, she declared to me in the car on the way to school: "Mom, I want to play hockey." I think we are raising an East Coaster. 

^^The day I realized I married Monica

^^Loved this from Hailey Devine 

^^waiting to pick up Big Sister from school

^^As missionaries, Dustin and Siale taught the Whites (who we adore, and frequent their house all too often, I'm sure). Siale was out for a visit, and we made sure to meet up for a delicious dinner and reunion. So awesome. 

^^Finishing some Christmas shopping, obviously

^^Thanks to Groupon, Abby was worn out one Saturday night by this jump zone

^^#momfail I totally forgot to hook Abby's carseat back into the seat one day (after moving it to attempt to squeeze in a giant doll house). It gets worse, when she started crying, I kept shushing her, without looking back to see she had completely fell over. 

^^Love emails like this from Abby's teacher. This was after their "fairytale" week. 

^^A woman had advertised a doll house, with accessories, for free on the local Facebook page. I jumped on it, sure it was a typical dollhouse. When I arrived, I couldn't even fit it in the BMW, with the seats down. Dustin didn't believe me, and doubted my packing abilities, until he showed up at home and realized how big it is. (they were kind enough to deliver it to our house!) I sent my family this picture to illustrate the size. Ridiculous and wonderful all at once. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, that doll house is awesome! It's an optical illusion for me. It still looks like a smaller dollhouse, but it looks huge at the same time. Then your kids look like maybe they shrunk to fit in the house, but yet they look normal size. Haha. Okay, I need more sleep. I hope you catch my drift. ;)