Evie Rose Turns One!

by - 7:11:00 PM

Evie turned one on February 4 (helllllo, slacker mom!). Here's the thing, Evie has been our happy ray of sunshine since day one (okay, lie. the first 72 hours of her life, she cried. but, after that - happy ray of sunshine.). I mentioned this on my Instagram, but I'm going to say it again. The move cross country, change, learning to parent a child with sensory issues (a spirited one!), pregnancy sickness that never ends, piled on top of my already anxious self brought on some of the darkest and depressed months of my life. Through the pregnancy, and the year following Evie, I was in a fog; a deep, deep fog. 

But, I remember texting Dustin when Evalyn was three weeks old. I told him that I know Evie was supposed to be in our family, at this time, because she has always been my bright spot. She's been the rose in the thorns. She smiled early, bringing so much peace and joy with every smile. And she's never stopped smiling. We get stopped by strangers constantly who are in awe of her happiness. It helps too, that where Abby is a Daddy's girl, Evie is mine (though she's got her Daddy wound pretty tight, too!). Evie has rounded out our family, brought happiness, and the year with her would have been impossible without her. 

We celebrated her birthday with the only food she will eat, chicken nuggets. Sister remains around the 20th percentile for weight. She's been moving since she was five months old, and hasn't stopped once (running since nine months!). She napped on my chest, because I'm a sucker. I consider myself so lucky that I was able to nurse her through her first birthday, and completed the weaning process around 13 months.

She is still the exact image of her daddy, in female form. She gets that comment all the time, too! Her baby curls and white blonde hair make me want to cry tears of joy. Now (her nearly 15 month mark) she says Dada, Mama, shoes, hi, and please. She shakes her head and wags her finger at you if she's unhappy, scolding already. She may be little, but she is scrappy. She's not afraid to throw her skinny arms around at her sister, holding her own. Did I mention she never stops moving? She doesn't. She is the opposite of her older sister (and mom), always on the go, and always wanting out of the apartment. Not a homebody. 

She prefers savory  to sweet food, started riding Abby's scooter at 11 months, and climbs on everything. Literally, the child has no fear.  

We finished her birthday with a small cake, which she refused to touch. Shaking her head adamantly. Then, a few days later, had a family friends over for cake and ice cream (which she also refused). Everyone we meet is a sucker for this girl, and we can totally relate. 

Oh Evie Rose, you keep us laughing, terrified, and in falling more in love with you everyday. Thanks for being you - you'll never know how much of a blessing you are to all of us. 

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