February Little Things

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For journaling purposes, I'm once again going to try and catch up here. It's a constant game in my life, this catching up thing (and not just on the blog!). How you moms do it, I'll never know. Instagram is forever my favorite - easing my mom guilt a little as I document our lives there. 

^^Evie and I took a library class for a few weeks. She liked it, but was most content glued to Mom. 

^^Evie is our daredevil. Ironically, her biggest injury came from her walking down the hall, on flat ground (rather than climbing, jumping, or spinning on or off something). She slipped and fell on her chin, sliding as she went. The day before her first birthday she wound up in the hospital for a quick glue-together. This one always keeps us on our toes! 

^^Her favorite book: Humans of New York 

^^Always playing with Shopkins

^^Abby adored her first Valentine's Day celebration at school. She was so proud to hand out her dinosaurs (still obsessed!). 

^^Still her Daddy's clone, sitting in front of the heater while Abby and I open the windows in February.

^^Obviously we are exciting company

^^A quick trip the Museum of Natural History - One of our favorite stops in the City. 

^^A Target run after work also called for dinner via Buffalo Wild Wings' appetizers to share

^^the scariest thing I've seen

^^Dustin humored my Jimmy John's cravings and we found one in White Plains! 

^^Of course, with Jimmy John's came a trip to the Lego Store

^^a sweet sister moment

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