Easter Weekend: 2016 Edition

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Aunt Lacey came to stay over Easter weekend. We were thrilled! So thrilled, I even braved my first solo trip driving to the city. I pulled over a couple of times to tell Dustin I was quitting. But, I made it and only got lost twice (okay, four times). 

Having Aunt Lacey around is our dream come true and really made us miss living so close to her in Utah. Evie was sick when she arrived, and it only took me 24 hours to be flat on my back, miserable. Sadly, Lacey caught the plague, too. Some vacation! "Come see us!" we say, "It'll be so fun!" Ha! 

But, Lacey spoiled our kids with gifts and so much attention. The girls loved the Easter Egg Hunt at our church on Saturday (along with a yummy brunch). Both girls hunted their hearts out and then Dustin, Abby, and Lacey hit the Big Apple for Macey's flower show while I worked on finals, and took an extra long nap - still fighting off a nasty bug (later turned walking pneumonia). 

Lacey came back feeling even worse, and so we decided to lay low the rest of the weekend. The Easter Bunny visited, and Abby was fasinated with an Easter lesson focused on the resurection that Dustin put together. We stopped for a second to roll a couple of eggs, rounding out our Easter 2016. 

So, so grateful for all I have, all because Jesus Christ lives again. 

^^apparently I didn't get a picture of Abby, I'm sure she was off sprinting somewhere 

^^our Easter lesson took place at Tilley Pond Park

^^And just because

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