March Moments

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^^Evie and I had a play date (something I don't do nearly enough one-on-one  with Sister) at a local gym with a toddler play area. It's her heaven: being set free in a room filled with things for her to climb on. This child has aged me five years already. 

^^Abby's first book fair. Both she and I were in heaven. After she carefully chose her books (okay, I chose one and she chose one), she sighed, leaving, and said, "My grandpa will buy me the rest..." Lucky kid has an elementary school teacher, picture book loving, doting grandpa. And, she takes full advantage. 

^^Evie's feeling's about story time at the library. She totes loves it. 

^^Sunday Snuggles

^^in my final days nursing Evie, I was all sorts of nostalgic and weepy. I documented her playing with my fingers, her ritual. But, she has carried that on. She seeks out my fingers all day long to maul them to death. (comfort to both she and I)

^^A good day at the beach in March! 

^^We went to an "Easter Egg Hunt" at Stew Leonard's. Abby warmed up the the costumed people by the last stop. 

^^Seriously, Sister's favorite food 

^^Easy park days 

^^Sunday afternoon at the beach (Cove Island in Stamford)

^^I'm playgroup coordinator (and super unqualified); this week we made four-leaf clovers using marshmallows as stamps. 

^^A picture taken by Abby. But, just, all the heart eyes (getting a sick baby medicine after church)

^^All the ear infections for our poor baby (coupled with a nasty virus)

^^And then, Abby got it. Then I got it. And that's how it all started. 

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