Spring in Idaho: Round One

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We planned a (relatively) last minute trip to Idaho, thanks to my awesome in-laws. It was much needed by all of us - the only downside was Dustin staying home for work. It just happened that the weekend we planned the trip (over Abby's spring break) was graduation at BYU-Idaho. I made an executive decision to keep the trip a secret from Morgan, but couldn't resist tormenting her a little on April Fools Day. Props to the family with the biggest mouths (myself included) on keeping the secret the entire time! 

^^We flew over night both ways. It was a big challenge to take, flying by myself for the first time with both girls...overnight. Evie only cried three of the five hours (insert eye roll here). 

^^a successful surprise for our favorite graduate! 

^^I technically graduated that weekend, too! But, since I hadn't planned on being in the area, I had brushed it aside. It was fun getting caught up in the celebrations. And, my family was extra sweet to celebrate me, too. Maybe someday I'll post about my thoughts on finishing school as a mom. 

^^can't get enough of these cousins and constantly crave more time together!

^^As always, we were spoiled to death with the cutest girl clothes. So thankful Traci has good taste and shares with us! 

^^the same weekend, Brooke went to prom. Of course we ate it up! My little baby sister who isn't so much of a baby anymore.

^^Evie had yet another ear infection while we were out there. She rarely left my side, but did allow some snuggles from Grandpa. 

^^These two are quite a pair. 

^^I talked Traci into doing my hair again. Another scare at first, but a huge success. 

^^We dedicated an afternoon to de junking Morgan's room. I get way too much satisfaction out of throwing away other people's things. 

^^And then our sick girl started to feel a little better. 

I felt so lucky to soak up Springtime in Preston, with some of my favorite people, jam packed with exciting things all weekend. Goodbyes never get easier. In fact, the probably get harder! But, the time is more precious every time, too. 

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