Spring in Idaho: Round Two

by - 8:53:00 AM

I'm a broken record: we are so stinking lucky our families live so close! After Preston, we headed straight to Pocatello to be spoiled by the other grandparents. They wasted no time, and Abby immediately had them strolling into the store, convinced she needed one of everything. 

^^Evie immediately fell for Uncle Chase 

^^Sleep with this one while traveling was a chore. But, moments like this made up for it (almost). 

^^When the chip just isn't enough

^^Abby convinced us to take her to see Jungle Book, against our better judgment. As predicted, we left early. But, she rocked her 3D glasses! 

^^Peanuts in my Diet Coke, and I felt like I truly became an Ackerman that day. 

^^we just want to live by cousins! 

^^A quick stop at Grandma Patty's office on our way out of town to double check Evie's ears 

It's bittersweet to me to realize how difficult it is for me to say goodbye to my in laws. It is truly incredible that I love them as my own, and feel loved like I'm accepted as one of them. It really doesn't get easier. 

^^A final drive through my favorite place, and I was frantically sending Dustin picture, begging him to move to Idaho. 

^^I can't even look at this picture without getting teary. Grandma and Morgan dropped us off at the airport (at midnight). Abby cried, I cried. Ugh. 

But, there was a super sweet reunion on the other side. Home is where this guy is. 

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