The Rest of April

by - 8:39:00 PM

^^after we got back, we made a trip to Ikea and the Bridgeport Zoo - mostly we just soaked up time with our main man

^^already a daddy's girl, and distance only made her heart grow fonder. everything Abby did, Daddy did, too. 

^^first pigtails! 

^^My mornings with this one are filled with total chaos (she's quite literally a human tornado), and sharing my food with her. 

^^the obsession with shoes is real

^^Grandpa proudly shipped this to Evalyn, She plays with it everyday, ramming it into my heels repeatedly

^^thug life 

^^a city pond/park is located right behind our apartment (a makeshift backyard for us). We made sure to attend the boat races one weekend. 

^^But, first, a selfie 

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