A Quick Interruption of Random Thoughts

by - 6:44:00 PM

I'm desperately trying to catch up on this blog, strictly for journaling purposes. This is truly the easiest way for me to document my family's lives. My girls are changing every second. Making me laugh every day (and sometimes, cry too). So, I'm going to interrupt this blog catch up to vomit out what's on my mind and post some pictures Dustin snapped that capture  my girls so perfectly right now. I'm so scared that life is busy and crazy and mundane that I'll forget it. I don't want to forget my life right now!

Abby gets funnier, more observant, even more sensitive, and spirited every day. Just the other day, after a glamorous dinner at Taco Bell, Abby told me, "Belle must have a lot of Tacos under her dress. You know, 'Taco Bell?'" That's my kind of ball gown, baby girl. Girlfriend lives like a princess, and we are all her subjects. In Disneyland last week, she told Tinkerbell: "I'm a princess because sometimes my mom and dad call me that." But, she refuses to cut her hair, certain that she will lose her powers, and her hair will turn brown, if it gets cut. I'm not sure if she is channeling her inner Samson or Rapunzel. 

Evie is independent and fiery. Sister never holds still; she is running, climbing, and attempting to kill me by heart attack all day. She always looks like a ragamuffin, hair wild, food on her face, and in dirty clothes. But man, she is living her best life. This weekend she has had a fever of about 102*, keeping her snuggling in my lap. It breaks my heart to have her sick, but man alive I love the extra snuggles. 

The girls keep me busy, exhausted, really. I'm working hard to feel better and so I welcome the busy life. Between the girls, swimming, the beach, vacations, upcoming visitors, trying to squeeze in time with Dustin somewhere in there, and even more upcoming vacation (yay!) the summer is flying by. It's been a good one, this summer. 

I spend everyday wondering how all our money goes to Costco, why cars have to break, and how time is flying so freaking fast. And, there's always the ever present question in my mind lately: Why is Jim on the Bachelorette? I mean, does Pam know?!

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