Abby Turns Four!

by - 6:33:00 PM

Abby's fourth birthday was the center of our world for at least two months. It was talked about daily, used as ultimatums, and I'm pretty sure I threatened to take away her birthday if she wouldn't poop on the toilet (I wish I was kidding). But the birthday came in with a bang, and lasted at least 10 days. Girlfriend was in heaven for the entirety. 

Thursday before her birthday, Dad surprised her at school as the mystery reader. She could not contain her excitement, hysterically giggling through the whole thing. This Daddy's girl was in heaven. 

With her birthday landing on Sunday, she opened presents and spent the afternoon eating her favorite lunch (steak) and building her birthday present: the very coveted Lego Cinderella Castle. 

We had friends over that night for Costco cake, decorated by the princess herself. 

We had a easy, park birthday party the following week. She requested a rainbow party, and being the non-pinterest mom that I am, I threw together rainbow cupcakes and bought some multicolored fruit and veggie trays. #momoftheyear

She loved every minute. 

^^when four year olds take over my phone at the party

We love this kid more than anything. She is so wonderfully weird and full of life. She feels every emotion so, so strongly, and is so sensitive. Happy birthday, to our sweetest girl. You light up our world. 

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