Newport, RI

by - 6:50:00 PM

We got the crazy idea to take advantage of Dustin taking Friday off (for the concert in The City), and planned a quick, overnight trip to Newport, RI. Best decision! Despite being stuck in traffic on the way there (solved by and impulse DVD player purchase I made the day before), we had a blast. Abby looked forward to the hotel and swimming far more than anything else. But, she (along with the rest of us) quickly got caught up in the glamour of the mansions. We kicked it off with a visit to the Marble House, Dustin and Abby hit two more tours while I sat with Evie as she took a much needed nap in the car, then we hit lunch at Corner Cafe, on reccomendation from a friend. (Eat.there.tomorrow!) We wrapped up our trip trekking through the pouring rain to the Breakers.

We will definitely be back. Abby loved the self guided tours, often pointing out parts of the architecture we didn't notice. I hear the decorate for Christmas; you know I'm all about that.

^^a quick pit stop to stretch (after being stuck in traffic, doubling the driving time) and eat some yummy seaside seafood.

^^Abby declared each mansion a castle, obvious, being the princess she is

^^what seemed like overnight, this girl developed quite the attitude on this trip

^^Abby (Elsa, rather) wrapping up her performance, "...tell the guards to open up the gates!"

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