We the Kings on Fox and Friends

by - 6:19:00 PM

Somehow, I got the crazy idea to drag my family to The City when I heard We the Kings would be playing on Fox and Friends. A couple of issues: the concert started at six o'clock (in the morning!), and...okay, that was the only issue. But, it meant that we would need to leave by five o'clock. But, the idea was planted and Dustin knew not to try and deter me (honestly, he was equally as excited as me - a long time fan of the band, long before I was!). 

So, we followed through. Trekked to the city a few minutes after five, found parking an hour after arrival (typical, thanks for nothing, NYC), and checked Twitter - only to find out that the band was actually playing at eight o'clock. So, we snagged some breakfast at out go to - McDonald's (judge us, but at least I'm honest. The rest of you like McDonald's, too. You just lie about it.) and then headed to the venue. 

The band was great, I dug deep and drug up enough bravery to introduce myself to Jenny (the wife of the lead singer). Being the well composed person I am, I blurted introductions and how much I admired her and asked for a picture all in one breath and then ran away. 

We danced and sang along with Travis. Evie ate it up, Abby plugged her ears and asked to take a nap (a reasonable request), but when we got in the car she promptly started singing along to their greatest hits. 

We made a quick walk around Rockefeller, stopped at the M&M store, and then set off for Newport (post to come!), all before 10 am. 

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